Season’s Greetings & Happy Holidays!

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Here are some complimentary winter brake facts from Max Advanced Brakes:

Fact 1: Brakes wear down faster in the winter than in any other season

Why? When ice and snow cover the roads, combined with cold temperatures below the freezing point, more drivers will be braking harder and more often in the winter than in other seasons. Sliding, black ice, and worse driving conditions put more stress on your brakes.

Fact 2: Brakes wear down faster in the front than in the rear

Why? Because when you brake, the weight of the car shifts forward putting more stress on your front rotors and pads than they do on the rear. This is simply the physics of braking, and it is normal for your front brakes to wear out twice as fast than your rear brakes.

Fact 3: Max’s Holiday Special “SNOWBRAKES” is a deal you cannot pass on

Why? Well, we’re not saying you should replace your brakes before the winter, but getting them now and saving the install until after the winter will make a world of a difference. You’ll feel it too, by the end of winter you’ll notice the stress your brakes took this winter. Hindsight is 20/20, don’t miss out.

Bonus Fact: Carbon Metallic Brake Pads

Formulated to perform consistently in extreme hot and cold temperatures, our top-of-the-line formula gives you up to 35% more strength and stopping power. They fit perfectly, brake harder, and last longer. Perfect for winter weather.

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Once Again, Happy Holidays from the Max Family!

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