Brakes and Rotors are one of the most important performance upgrades you could do to your vehicle. Going fast or being able to tow more means nothing if you can't control it, and eventually you’re going to need to stop. Luckily by upgrading your brakes you can cut your ride's stopping distance drastically. Our selection of Brakes and Rotors are designed to get you stopped consistently quicker keeping you and those in and around your vehicle safe.

Don’t overpay a dealer for traditional brake parts when you can get superior benefits of ceramic pads and cross-drilled and slotted rotors in the Max Advanced Brakes' Brake kit. These components will offer better stopping power, longer life, corrosion prevention, and smoother braking compared to original equipment parts. Max Advanced Brakes’ replacement components are manufactured to tight tolerances so fit and function is never compromised on your vehicle.