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Knowing the specifications of your vehicle is crucial/essential when it comes to finding the correct parts for your vehicle. More often than not, we typically only need the Year, Make, Model and the Engine size [or even simpler, your vehicle’s VIN #] to identify/locate the correct brake parts for your car.

For example: You might be driving a 2008 (Year) Dodge (Make) Grand Caravan (Model) 3.3L V6 (Engine Size). Some vehicles are super easy to locate kits for, like this one. However, for some vehicle models, we will require additional information to cross reference our database the correct parts.

Let’s say you have a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6L V6. For 2012 models, we have to confirm the manufacture date of the vehicle [alters the size of the pads], as well as whether you have Single Piston Calipers or Dual Piston Calipers for the front rotors of your vehicle [alters the size of your front rotors] to verify which parts you will need. Without confirming the manufacture date and the type of calipers you have, we cannot be 100% sure about the fitment for the 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan. This is the reason why we always have to double or even triple check in regards to your vehicle specs.

On rare occasions, there are vehicle specifications we cannot identify even with the correct VIN number, which is why we strongly suggest calling your dealership and ask for your OEM part number. This is the safest and most efficient way to determine your vehicle specs.


The trim/sub-model of the vehicle is often stated on the back of the car, for example: LE is the trim for the Toyota Camry, and SEL is the trim for the Ford Fusion.

If you are unsure about the trim/sub-model of your vehicle, give your dealership a call to get the exact trim specifications.


Vented & Solid Rotors
  • Solid disc brake rotor has One solid brake disc
  • Vented disc brake rotor has Two brake discs conjoined at the middle by vanes or lined structures
  • Note: If you have solid rotors on your vehicle, you cannot replace or upgrade them to vented rotors. The same applies for vented rotors.

    Purchasing a conversion kit would allow you to replace solid rotors with vented rotors. However, we do not recommend this; it is a very costly operation and does not improve your braking performance in anyway.


When you remove your wheel & look at the backside of the caliper

Two Smaller Pistons

Single Large Piston

Note: There are also 4 piston, 6 piston and 8 piston calipers which are usually found on heavy duty and high performance vehicles.

Regular vehicle models will use single or dual piston calipers for the most part (most of the time).


Disc Brakes

  • Flat, Disk-Shaped Metal
  • Uses Brake Pads

FYI: Most recent vehicle models have eliminated the use of brake drums

Drum Brakes

  • Wide Cylinder with an open back, resembling the top of a drum
  • Uses Brake Shoes


The number of lugs (mounting holes, studs or bolts) on the rotor hat can vary depending on the sub-model or trim of the vehicle.

NOTE: In some instances we may need to know the diameter size of the lug to confirm fitment.



The best way to obtain diameter size information is to call your dealership with your VIN# and they will provide you the exact diameter size for your rotors.


If calling the dealership is not an option for you, you can instead measure it yourself. On the face of the rotor, measure from one side to the other (usually measured in mm or inches).


Will the Anti-Rust Coating wear off? Will the Anti-Rust Coating wear off?

The Anti-rust coating around the braking areas of the rotor will eventually wear off after use. This is normal and unavoidable. However, the hat, vents and other parts of the rotor where the pads do not come into contact will remain protected.

Rust will eventually build up around the braking surface of the rotors if your vehicle remained stationary or exposed to natural elements for a prolonged period. This build up of rust will scrape off right away as soon as you put your vehicle in motion and let the brake pads clean the rust off the braking surface of your rotors.


  • Cross drilled holes aid air ventilation and heat dissipation
  • Slots increase brake pads bite
  • Slots on the rotor eject water and prevent Brake Pad hydroplaning
  • Slots vent gas during brake fade

Common Misconception about slotted & cross drilled rotors  
  • They are more prone to crack: Any type of rotor can crack if it is exposed to excessive thermal shock (fast heating and cooling) or heavy braking habits. If the drilled holes are properly chamfered and machined, it is no more prone to cracking than a non-drilled rotor.
  • They have less surface area: It is true that slotted & cross drilled rotors have less brake surface area in comparison to blank rotors, however, the additional stopping power and cooling provided compensate for the reduced surface area.
  • Drilled and Slotted Rotors are a lot more expensive: Not really, just take a look at our pricing.
  • Drilled rotors are lighter: We only manufacture and machine rotors that are equal or heavier than OE specification.


Ceramic Brake Pads Metallic Brake Pads
Minimal Noise: Ceramic brake pads are very quiet because of their composition, and also put less stress on your rotors when you brake Stronger Grip & Stopping Power: Metallic pads offer a stronger bite on your pads, making them the ideal choice for heavy duty or performance-focused vehicles. Metallic pads will fulfill your heavy duty needs.
Low Brake Dust: Ceramic brake pads produce less brake dust in comparison to other brake pad compositions Temperature & Driving Conditions: Metallic composition pads are able to withstand higher and lower temperature ranges without losing braking performance, and help transfer heat from the braking system to cool down quicker.
Temperature & Driving Conditions: Ceramic brake pads are very suitable if you are a regular daily driver. They are reliable in most range of temperatures and driving conditions Although Metallic Brake pads are a bit noisier and produce more brake dust than ceramic brakes, understanding the trade-off will help you determine whether ceramic or metallic brake pads suit your needs.


Here are some visual and tactile signs that could indicate warped rotors  
  • Sluggish stopping or poor brake response: If you notice that the brake pedal is going down farther than normal when pressing the brakes, this could be an indication that the brake pads or rotors are worn down and need to be replaced. This could also be an indication that the brake fluid level is low.
  • Steering Wheel shaking or rattling when braking: When pressing down on the brake pedal, warped or worn rotors will cause chattering from the wheelbase. This happens because warped rotors are pushing the brake pads out while the calipers are squeezing them in. The faster you are moving, the more violent the shaking and chattering will be. Uneven brake pad bite can cause fading and loss of stopping power.
  • Grinding noise while braking: This is typically a sign that your brake pads are worn down to the metal, and/or that the rotors are worn out.


Breaking-in your rotors is essential after every installation of new pads or rotors, please follow the steps below
  • STEP 1: Find a safe place to execute the break-in procedure for your vehicle.
  • STEP 2: Perform 5 moderate or aggressive stops at 5MPH/10km to 40MPH/60km without allowing the brakes to cool down or coming to a complete stop.
  • STEP 3: Perform 5 moderate stops at 5MPH/10km to 25MPH/40km and allow the rotors cool down after each application.

  • During the break-in period, you might not feel the bite and stopping power right away, and this is normal. The break-in period typically lasts 2-3 weeks.
  • During braking, kinetic energy is converted into heat. If you brake too hard during the break in period, the brake pads might heat up too much. The uncured bonding agents could emerge at the surface, which can cause a hardening effect to the brake pads, also known as 'glazing'.
  • Glazed surfaces have a reduced coefficient fading and noise or squealing. To reduce this affects the brake pads should be heat treated or scorched.
  • Scorching is an additional stage in the production process in which the uncured bonding agents are eliminated by intense super-heating of the surface. Heat treating or scorching also helps to obtain a performance street brake pad that maintains integrity in demanding driving conditions.


Potential Causes
  • Minimal/No Break In Procedure after the brake kit installation
  • Insufficient lubrication around the pins that attach the brake pad to the caliper
  • Loosened or improper hardware
Note: Pad vibration is the number one cause of noise or squealing associated with braking. Incorrect fitment of the brake pad in the caliper creates vibrations and noises.

Suggestions for Resolution
Conduct break in procedure
Lubricate pins
Check brake hardware before & after the break in procedure
Consult a mechanic

Shipping & Returns

Q: When will my order ship?

Orders received by 2PM local time typically are processed the same day received. Shipping times will vary depending on your location and selected shipping options. Typical processing time ranges from 1-5 days and may vary during the holiday seasons. For UPS shipments you can track the progress of the order using their order tracking number available on your order. Shipping delays can occur when the wrong address or zip code is submitted for the shipping address. If the shipping company cannot deliver the package we will contact you via phone or e-mail.

Q: What shipping options are available? offers our customers the option of selecting 2 day ground, next day, or air through either the United States Postal Service USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS) for shipments in the continental U.S.

Q: How are returns handled?

If an items needs to be returned, the customer is responsible for the return shipping fees and should obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-827-7927 to discuss the reason for the return and make the necessary arrangements. The amount of the refund will be based on the purchase price of your products and may include a restocking fee.

Q: Do you ship outside the continental U.S.?

We apologize for any inconvenience but we do not currently ship outside the continental U.S. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or other U.S. Territories, or international locations at this time.

Q: In what instances will a restocking fee occur?

A 20% restocking fee may apply if an order is requested to be cancelled while it is being processed.